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Surely, your biggest wish is that your site will reach the first positions in Google and attract as many visitors as possible. A site that wants to deliver quality must have two successful ingredients: first of all, the idea of a business should be one of the best, accompanied by motivation and on the second place would be all the optimization procedures that can help you to increase visibility online, the number of visitors and the yield. If you have something of value to deliver, try SEO and the users will find out as soon and quickly as possible about you.

A site well optimized means a legible site for the users and the search engines, it owns an excellent content but also an attractive structure that will take it to the top positions in the organic results.

From our clients:

At what level can you get help from SEO?


Your Facebook and Linkedin accounts will be set up and implemented.


For people to make it easier when they search for the second time and whenever they need it, you’ll be remarketing your brand on Facebook and Linkedin.


Because the number of fans on your page will increase, Facebook ads and also Linkedin ads will be used.


Campaigns based on seasonality will be created so that users are easy to identify with your brand.


Campaigns on geolocation will be done, and your ads will be personalized based on the audience.


Custom banners will be created for campaigns.


A / B testing will be done on the created creatives and will set and monitor the progress and the results of the campaign reported to targets.


Demographic campaigns and complete reports will be created so you can keep up with the evolution of your campaigns.

How we help you?

Let’s help you to sell more online. Do you want?

For the site to attract as many users as possible, it must have the following parameters:

Website is correct and indexable

The site needs to be fair and indexable. All bugs must be removed and all internal elements of the site optimized, such as metadata, titles, HTML codes, URLs, etc.

Quality content

The content should be as relevant as possible, text must be structured, rewritten and corrected, and the strategic use of keywords with the highest search volume is applied.

Website optimized

The appearance must be excellent. Once the user’s search and browsing preferences are known, the site must be optimized for both desktop and mobile.

Advertising campaigns

It is intended that sales and traffic will be increased. With the help of an advertising campaign, correct, efficient and personalized, more visits are made to the site.


Successful partnerships can be achieved with the help of promotion strategies, and it is preferable to establish productive collaboration with specialized blogs and local news sites.

Promotion strategies

Any other new online promotion strategies appear on the international market, we will use them to promote you online efficiently.

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By optimizing the site you will be able to get as many visits as possible, the orders number will increase and the interest from the consumers will become bigger in relation to the company’s products and services. These promotional services are based on optimization strategies for SEO and search engine marketing so you can be able to reach the best position in search engine rankings.

SEO on-page

  • Optimize images and optimize for mobile web
  • Implementing Schema.org
  • Crawling the complete website
  • Problems of canonicalization and internal structure of links
  • Indexability of the website
  • Identify duplicate content
  • Google Search Console Audit
  • Headline analysis
  • Upload speed
  • Sitemaps structure

SEO off-page

  • Refer to link building opportunities
  • Analyze competitive links and anchor profile analysis
  • Identification of toxic links
  • Link pruning
  • Establish the required LPs
  • Identifying lost links
  • Monthly reports